Wedding Snap is Proud to Announce Our Newest Partnership with Brides Against Breast Cancer!

Wedding Snap is Excited to Announce Our Newest Partnership with

Brides Against Breast Cancer!


Brides Against Breast Cancer is a non-profit organization serving a very “pink” purpose.  The Center for Building Hope acquired the twelve-year old organization in December 2011, and moved the operation from Portland, Oregon to Sarasota, Florida.  The Center for Building Hope operates within the Health Support Network, Inc.  Center for Building Hope was previously known as the Cancer Support Community – Florida Suncoast.

Brides Against Breast Cancer gown sales fund programs and services that are FREE to cancer patients, their families and caregivers.  BABC also partners with local cancer support organizations in some of the communities we visit, sharing revenues from bridal shows and expanding our outreach. Designers, manufacturers, bridal shops – and women who donate one of their most treasured possessions – help support the organization’s “Original Nationwide Tour of Gowns.”

Wedding Snap has partnered with BABC so attendees of the Nationwide Tour of Gowns shows will be able to capture some of their first memories & emotions at the shows as they search for their dream wedding gown!  Through photo and video, attendees will be able to share their BABC experience with their friends and family in real-time. So if your best friend or mother can’t attend to come help you pick out your dream dress, they can view all the photos + videos in real-time and be part of the experience in helping you to make one of the most important decisions of your wedding journey!

From Portland, OR to Waltham, MA, we have had brides starting to capture their wedding memories already this month. And as part of the launch of our partnership, several lucky winners were able to even claim Wedding Snap as a prize at a select number of the VIP events this month. We were so excited to hear all of the positive feedback and excitement from the attendees about the partnership and only anticipate 2013 to get more exciting!

Brides Against Breast Cancer plans to visit more than 100 cities during its 2013 “Original Nationwide Tour of Gowns” bridal shows.  Hundreds of new or gently worn bridal gowns, in various styles, sizes and prices will be available so that brides-to-be can find their dream gown at a greatly reduced cost and help those affected by cancer.

Most gown prices range from $75 to $799, including gorgeous new name brand and designer gowns valued up to $3,000 and above.  BABC also offers a convenient layaway plan and a tax deduction for gown donations.  

In 2013, Brides Against Breast Cancer plans to continue the support of the creation and distribution of programming, featuring numerous cancer support professionals, to persons impacted by cancer anywhere in the country.  These programs will provide critical information through numerous programs that the Center for Building Hope offers.  BABC is also committed to help connect cancer patients and caregivers, wherever they are located, with people undergoing a similar experience.  BABC’s goal is to ensure that no one in this country has to face cancer alone. To learn more visit, or call 877.721.HOPE (4673).

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